The Original Pizza Bowl Salad

This one is a game-changer! And, as far as we can tell, it’s a Dells Pizza Lab ORIGINAL CREATION!

Our guests love our giant Create-Your-Own and Lab-Tested Salads, but sometimes they have a hard time passing up our pizza. (We get it. It’s the best.) Or, they’re just a little extra hungry and want something more hearty.

Well, we put them together! Now, you can order any Lab-Tested or Custom Salad in our regular salad bowl, or you can upgrade to our incredible, made-to-order, Pizza Crust Bowl for just an extra $3.

Each Pizza Crust Bowl is made from our fresh, house-made dough, coated in olive oil and parmesan cheese – or not, if you prefer a vegan, non-dairy Pizza Crust Bowl – and fire-baked to perfection. Then, served with your choice of dipping sauce, like our red sauce, spicy red sauce, creamy garlic butter or pesto sauce.

All you’ll need to decide is: Will you eat the bowl as you go or finish the salad first, then demolish the bowl. Either way, you can have your bowl and eat it, too!