The Public Has Spoken!

Hey Pizza Lovers,

2020 has been rough. Am I right or am I right? (That was rhetorical. I’m definitely right.)

So, we decided to do something that is sure to make our regulars and some of our most loyal out-of-towners super happy. We have decided to make pickles a YEAR-ROUND, PERMANENT TOPPING!

Pickles have always –since our very first year open — been our most popular Topping of the Month. They have a cult-like following. Seriously, if you haven’t tried them, we highly encourage it. And, they are pretty darn amazing in our Create-Your-Own Salads, too.

This is our gift to our fellow pizza lovers. We will survive 2020!

And, if you are wondering, ARTICHOKES are our new Topping of the Month! They are also really delicious. Come eat yo veggies.