Gluten-Free Crusts: CHECK!

Gluten-Free Desserts: CHECK!

Gluten-Free Drinks: CHECK!

And, big ‘ole salads, too!

Because we make our wheat-based dough fresh, in-house daily, we are definitely not a gluten-free restaurant. But, we think of ourselves as “gluten-friendly” and try best we can to satisfy every taste, need, and preference. We have TWO different types of gluten-free crusts: Our original herbed crust, and also our new cauliflower crust. And, we have two gluten-free treats, including our decadent Death By Chocolate Mousse Cake.

You can learn more about our gluten-friendly options in the FAQ Section.

Family-Friendly, Fast, AND Beer!

A little something that you may not realize: We’re super fast, kids love us, and we have nine different types of beer – including 4 on ice cold tap – and six different types of wine.

So often, families are torn between traditional sit-down restaurants, where meals could take up to an hour and are hard on a budget, or mediocre fast food that no one really enjoys. We’re different! We’re fast, but not “fast food.” We only use the absolute BEST locally-sourced ingredients. Dough is made fresh daily, veggies are hand-chopped, and everything is made-to-order in front of you. Kids love us, because they get to custom-create their own pizzas, at one set low-price, so there’s no arguing over toppings! And, although we’re a casual, budget-conscious pizzeria and salad bar, we have a wide selection of beer, wine, and spiked beverages, like Mike’s Hard Lemonade and White Claw Hard Seltzer’s for the over-21 crowd.

There’s something for everyone!

Happy 4th of July!

We’d love to wish everyone a very happy, fun, and safe Independence Day. Wisconsin Dells is an amazing place to getaway for 4th of July celebrations. there’s no fewer than seven MAJOR fireworks displays going on around town. While you’re visiting, we hope you’ll drop in and see us. Our patio is a pretty great place to relax, dine, and take in the colorful sky.

We’ll be open on July 4th and the whole holiday weekend from 10:30am-9:30pm. And, we’d love to create a custom, all-American pizza for you!

New Topping Alert: MANGO!

We wanted something really summery and original in the Lab, so we thought: MANGO!

It’s surprisingly delicious on our custom pizzas, but it really shines in salads. We’ll have this this delicious Topping of the Month through the end of July, so come enjoy a taste of the tropics in Wisconsin Dells while it lasts.

Introducing the Original Pizza Bowl Salad!

We’re so excited to introduce our newest creation: The Pizza Bowl! Now, any of our Lab-Tested Salads or our custom Create-Your-Own Salads can be served in a regular bowl or upgraded to our delicious Pizza Bowl for only $3 extra. Each pizza bowl is fire-baked, fresh for you, and coated in parmesan cheese (or, not, if you prefer dairy-free/vegan). Then, served with your choice of dipping sauce – like garlic butter, our traditional red sauce or spicy red, pesto, or ranch – so you can eat the pizza bowl as you go!

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too! Salad + Pizza = WIN!

This baby is a Dells Pizza Lab exclusive, only available in Wisconsin Dells!

More Time For Pizza!

Happy First Day of Summer! Summer is Wisconsin Dells is a special, crazy time. And, we’re here for it! So, starting today, we’ll be opening a little earlier and staying open a little later, so you’ll have more time for pizzas and salads. Come see us everyday this summer from 10:30am to 9:30pm.

Arugula in The Lab!

This is a limited-time only topping, so come in fast. We’ll probably have this one through the end of June and then something really, really, really exciting is coming.

Arugula is an amazing addition to one of our fire-baked pizzas or a custom salad. For those of you into Pizza Salads – yep, that’s a thing! – this one is for you. who says pizza can’t be fresh, healthy and green!

Happy Father’s Day!

Dad can work out tomorrow. Or, not.

But, today, hook him up with the best pizza in Wisconsin Dells and an ice cold beer. We hear #dadbods are HOT right now.

By Popular Demand: White Claw!

We’ve been hearing A LOT about White Claw Hard Seltzers lately, but when our beer distributor told us that White Claw Seltzers are as popular in Wisconsin right now as Spotted Cow; well, that was mind-blowing! So, new to The Lab: White Claw Black Cherry! It’s only 100 calories, gluten-free, and pairs amazingly with pizza and salads! (Oh, and we have Spotted Cow, too. this is Wisconsin afterall.)

Fresh Dough is Better!

Did you know we make our dough in-house, every day using locally-sourced Neapolitan flour? Or, that we allow it, at least, 24-hours to rise? Or, that it’s 100% vegan and we use no preservatives? Pretty awesome, right?

Did you also know that you can purchase our dough balls, so you can bake your own pizzas at home?! Why buy frozen dough or dry, pre-made pizza crusts full of chemicals at the grocery, when you can buy fresh dough from The Lab?