About Us


There are lots of places to get pizza in Wisconsin Dells. BUT, we’re a little different. Actually, we’re VERY different!


First, You are in charge!


The Pizza Lab is bringing the hottest trend in dining to the Dells: The CREATE-YOUR-OWN, fast-casual experience.


For one set price, you get to build-your-own 11-inch personal pizza or an entrée size salad. (Yes! We have gourmet salads, as well!) And, with five sauces, six cheeses, seven meats, over two-dozen toppings to choose from, and eleven amazing finishing drizzles and salad dressings, there are more than 87 MILLION different ways to experiment! You’ll never get bored eating at The Lab.


We’re also very FAST!


Want a fresh pizza, but don’t want to wait for it? We’ve got you covered! How does FIVE MINUTES OR LESS sound?


Our artisan pizzas are baked in a massive stone-hearth oven at nearly 650 degrees, then crisped to golden perfection in front of FIRE. You’ll be eating your custom-made creation in minutes.


Next, we’re fast, but we’re not “fast food.” We take pride in our ingredients.


We’re using the best. The really TASTY stuff!


Our dough is made from scratch every morning using high-quality Neapolitan flour. Then, we make our delicious traditional red pizza sauce using California vine-ripened tomatoes—peeled using steam, never with chemicals.

Our cheese . . . Oh, our cheese! We’re proud to offer premium, Wisconsin cheeses, including Grande and BelGioioso cheeses. If you haven’t been eating pizza made with shredded Grande Mozzarella, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Our toppings? There’s not enough room to list them here. Meats and seafood, veggies and beans, salad dressings and finishing drizzles . . . you name it, we probably have it. And, we made sure to select the best. Even the desserts are finest: Cheesecakes and cupcakes from the Dream Factory, made by The Cheesecake Factory. And, Italian cannoli made by the world-famous La Rosa Bakery.


All these delicious, top-quality ingredients might cost us a little more, but we think it’s worth it. We think you will, too.


Get ready to experiment!

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(No delivery, No phone orders. . . Dine-In and Carry Out only. Online ordering Coming Soon.)